Become a Johnny Locksmith Angel


A Johnny Locksmith Angel helps people.

If you have fullfilled both of our promotion requirements and submitted the Angel information asked for at the bottom of this page then you are a Johnny Locksmith Angel.  The requirements are:

  1. Mobile Phone Contact List
  2. Facebook Like

For details on these requirements, proceed to the Promotions page.

All Angels will receive free emergency lockout service it they are one of the first two Angels needing help each month.  Angels must have been active (in the data base) for at least ten days. 

Angel privileges include the ability to call out help from Johnny Locksmith in order to provide free emergency assistance for any private individual they designate; it need not be the Angel themselves who need help.  This free service must be one of the first two Angel service calls of the month.  Materials are not included in the free service, only Johnny Locksmiths time and transportation costs are free.  Free services include:

  • Entry into a locked out vehicle
  • Entry into a locked out residence

To act as an Angel and initiate a free service call, simply call Johnny Locksmith, LLC and say “This is an Angel call”.  Angels must be at the site with their cell phones when Johnny Locksmith arrives, or have made other arrangements with Johnny.

Remaining Free Angel calls for this Month...